Commercial Truck Insurance Property and Casualty

Property/casualty insurance is insurance on homes, cars, and businesses. Technically, property insurance protects a person or business with an interest in physical property against its loss or the loss of its income-producing abilities. Casualty insurance mainly protects a person or business against legal liability for losses caused by injury to other people or damage to the property of others.  Providing commercial truck insurance in TN, AL, MS, FL, TX, and many more.

ISO provides services for insurance companies that write the following lines of

property/casualty insurance:

Commercial Lines


-businessowners (property and liability combined for smaller commercial customers)

-capital assets (output policy)

-crime and fidelity

-electronic commerce

-employment-related practices liability

-equipment breakdown (formerly boiler and machinery)


-financial institutions

-general liability

-inland marine (diverse commercial goods and properties)

-management protection

-market segments

-medical-professional liability

-package policies (property and liability combined)



-workers compensation

Personal Lines


-dwelling property
-homeowners (property and liability combined)
-inland marine (diverse personal goods)
-personal liability (including personal umbrella)

ISO is the property/casualty insurance industry's leading supplier of statistical, actuarial, underwriting, and claims data. Our analytic and decision-support services help customers compete effectively.

ISO serves insurers, reinsurers, agents and brokers, insurance regulators, risk managers, and other participants in the property/casualty insurance marketplace. 

When we are afforded the opportunity to work on your Property & Casualty program, we pull our resources together to ensure we provide you with superior service and the most competitive rates afforded to the industry. We believe that providing a quote does not give you the most competitive edge in the market your industry with Insurance underwriters. When it comes to providing the best recommendation to you we provide the following:

• Complete analysis of your claims history to see where the quickest impact is afforded your company.

• Claims Management benefit – we communicate daily with adjusters on your behalf to where you are just not a file number or an open file on an adjusters desk

• Workers’ compensation can become a costly expense. We will give you solutions to reduce your mod factors or if you are self insured, we will work to close outstanding claims.

• Manage Risk – As a Risk Manger myself, you are afforded our ability to help reduce risk for your company. The importance of a risk management program for any size company is vital to the success or failure of the company. There is something to be said with “consistency” inside your company. The buy into a risk management program must start at the top executives.

• Risk Control – Creating awareness, accountability, identification, implementation, and reinforcement produce improvement.

• Claims Control – our staff becomes your advocate for all your losses. We become involved in helping reduce your exposure from day one versus being reactive to claims at renewal. Some of our coverage’s are highlighted below:

• Commercial Liability – Trucking and non Trucking • Commercial General Liability

• Commercial Workers’ Compensation

• Commercial Property

• Commercial Cargo

• Commercial Physical Damage – Fleets/Owner Operators


 Providing commercial truck insurance in TN, AL, MS, FL, TX, and many more.

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Commercial truck insurance rates are going up.  Most trucking companies are seeing their rates go up 20-30%. Commercial truck insurance rates with Thomas Wilson Group, LLC. are always competitive.  We want to make sure your insurance is within your budget and you can have the peace of mind of having you and your truck properly covered.  


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