Q - How long does it take to get an indication/quote for my Insurance? 


A - Several variations come into place which include, total unit count, information complete from you, questions answered.  

Q - Can I get an indication/quote with limited information?   


A -  In the case of Insurance quotes, more is better.  In order to obtain the best quote and correct quote, we need all information requested in order to obtain a complete and viable quote.

Q -  What coverages do I need? 


A -  Coverages vary by the contract of the shipper in some cases.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association requires (for a trucking company with a DOT and MC number) to obtain a minimum of $750,000 limit of Auto Liability.  Your Insurance company makes those filing for you automatically with FMCSA.  If you have a lien or loan on your truck and trailer, the lien holder would require physical damage coverage to cover damages to your unit/s.

Q -  What determines my cost of Insurance? 


A -  The cost of Insurance varies by State, type of commodity hauled, driver MVR, Safer scores, claims or loss history, and credit in some cases.  

Q -  How do I pay for my premium when I write the coverage with Thomas Wilson Group, LLC? 


A -  When an indication/quote is presented, it will typically be offered with payment in full, finance option to include a down payment and payment terms over nine to ten months or a reporting/monthly bases for fleets over ten units if the insurance carrier provides that (reporter) as an option.

Q -  When I cancel a unit how long does it take to get my credit? 


A -  The Insurance provider (company) dictates how long it takes to return credit to Thomas Wilson Group, LLC or directly to your finance company.  In some cases, it can take up to 90 days.  When requested, Thomas Wilson Group, LLC sends the request to remove a unit from the policy within 24 hours (most of the time a few minutes after receiving the request during business hours) but even though the Insurance company does not process it immediately the credit will reflect the day you requested the removal of the unit.

Q -  How long has Thomas Wilson Group, LLC been working with the trucking industry? 


A -  We have been in business doing 98% trucking in 14 states since 2004.  Before that, the owner of the agency worked on the truckload and less than truckload side beginning in 1997.  We have very good knowledge of trucking operations and trucking insurance.