Occupational accidents that injure employees are the responsibility of the employer and are covered by workers compensation insurance. In recent years, the term occupational accident has been expanded to include job-related long-term exposure to hazardous substances that result in occupational diseases, and such emotional injuries as nervous breakdowns and even heart attacks.  Providing commercial truck insurance in TN, AL, MS, FL, TX, and many more.

Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance covers eligible on-the-job accidents that owner-operators or contract drivers sustain while under dispatch. We have the expertise and flexible options that enable us to customize this program to cover the unique risks motor carriers and their drivers confront every day. Providing commercial truck insurance in TN, AL, MS, FL, TX, and many more.


Accidental Death Benefit
Survivor’s Benefit
Accidental Dismemberment
Accident Medical Expense Benefit
Temporary Total Disability
Continuous Total Disability
Non-Occupational Accident Benefit
Hernia & Hemorrhoid Benefit
Chiropractic Benefit
Some of the optional benefits include;

Passenger Accident Benefit
Contingent Liability Insurance

*Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance is not Workers’ Compensation coverage and is not a substitute for Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Contingent Liability Insurance


Contingent Liability Insurance (Available Option with Occupational Accident Insurance)


Contingent Liability Insurance helps covers carriers, should an owner-operator seek legal employee status.

This insurance covers and legally defends the named motor carrier, should an owner-operator be deemed an employee. If an owner-operator is deemed an employee, Contingent Liability Insurance responds to cover losses from on-the-job injuries, relieving the corporate Workers’ Compensation policy of this load.

Contingent Liability Insurance benefits motor carriers by providing insured drivers with standard benefit levels, which may be specified amounts or equivalent to statutory Workers’ Compensation coverage.


Providing commercial truck insurance in TN, AL, MS, FL, TX, and many more.

Commercial Truck Insurance Occupational Accident Coverage

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