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New Authority Truck Insurance

New Authority Truck Insurance in Tennessee

Learn about our unmatched new authority truck insurance in Tennessee and across the country.


Want to Learn More About Trucking Insurance for a New Authority?

We would love to hear from you! Ask us how we find our customers the best quotes for a new trucking company in Tennessee.

Get the best truck insurance for a new trucking company in Tennessee!

Want to know more about our top commercial trucking insurance companies in Tennessee that specialize in insuring new authorities? Talk to one of our knowledgeable account managers today! Contact us today or complete our online quote request form!

Commercial Trucking Insurance For a New Authority in Tennessee

Thomas Wilson Group is committed to supporting and helping new trucking companies obtain the best insurance for their new authority.

At Thomas Wilson Group, we know the ins and outs of the trucking industry. We are more than just a new authority truck insurance provider in Tennessee. We partner with each client by giving them tailored coverage packages for safety and claims hurdles.


You spend a lot of money on your Tennessee trucking company, so you want to know it's protected. We know your trucking business is vital to you and your family; our passion is protecting it. After all, your truck is your livelihood - that's why finding the best truck insurance for a new authority is so important. We offer many commercial truck insurance packages specifically designed for new trucking companies. 

Choosing the right coverage is the best way to protect your investment and bottom line. Plus, our close partnerships with truck insurance companies across 17 states in the Southeast and Midwest ensure you always get the best prices that help keep your insurance costs low.

Are You Looking to Start Your Motor Carrier Authority in Tennessee? 

Let Thomas Wilson Group help you find a truck insurance package that's right for you! Unlike our competitors, we don't shy away from insuring new ventures. We've proudly helped new authorities find the best semi-truck insurance in Tennessee since the start of our company.

Insurance packages may vary depending on the type of new trucking company you start. However, our steadfast dedication to the safety of your business, employees, and livelihood is constant.

Our expert team strives to match the best coverage packages for each customer. We work to help make sure you're protected in the event of a claim or loss. We only work with the best trucking insurance companies to always offer the most competitive prices. Plus, with access to multiple insurance markets, we shop your account yearly. We do this to ensure you have the best price and coverage available. In short, we always continue serving your business.

Types of Truckers We Insure:

Tennessee Truck Insurance Shopping Made Easy

Shopping for new authority truck insurance in Tennessee may be boring but don't worry. You don't have to do it alone. It can become stressful with different insurance coverages and companies to consider. Our team will help you get multiple truck insurance quotes and explain your coverage options in-depth, answering any questions. After that, our job begins as we earn your business and begin our lasting relationship with you. Let our team help you navigate the steps of starting a new trucking authority. We're here to be a trusted advisor and partner to you and answer any questions, giving you peace of mind while you focus on running your business. Let us help simplify the insurance process.

Let our team help you navigate the steps of starting a new trucking authority. We're here to be a trusted advisor and partner to you and answer any questions, giving you peace of mind while you focus on running your business. Let us help simplify the insurance process.

To get a quote for your trucking company, give us a call today to speak with one of our truck insurance experts!

How Do I Set Up My Trucking Authority in Tennessee?

If you still need to start getting your authority, there are a few steps to get your trucking authority. We specialize in the insurance portion of getting your authority. The steps below provide a summary of starting your new trucking company. Once you receive your trucking authority, we can give you the best truck insurance quotes

Step 1: Get your USDOT Number

If you are starting a trucking company, you need a DOT number. Your USDOT number is the main tracking number for your trucking company. It is given by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). It lists the number of trucks, drivers, and your company's safety rating. A USDOT NUMBER DOES NOT AUTHORIZE YOUR AUTHORITY.

Step 3: Get your BOC-3 Process Agents

Process agents are designated in each state that can accept legal documents on your behalf and then return them to you in your home state. BOC-3 Process agents are a requirement for obtaining federal authority. You can find a list of process agents on the FMCSA website.

Step 2: Get your MC number

You need an MC number if you are looking to haul freight for hire across state lines. The motor carrier number, or MC number, is Issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Once you get your MC Number, you must get truck insurance in order to start your authority.

Step 4: Get your truck insurance: 

In order to start your authority, every motor carrier must get truck insurance. The FMCSA minimum for interstate carriers is $750,000. You should get a $1,000,000 primary liability policy and a $100,000 cargo policy so that you can start hauling freight. You must get insurance within the first two weeks after the MC number is filed to ensure your authority processing is on time. If you fail to get insurance on file within the first 60 days, your authority application can be dismissed. Suppose you do not obtain insurance within that year's time. In that case, you must start the authority process again and repay all applicable fees.

How Much Does New Authority Truck Insurance Cost For a New Trucking Company? 

Insurance for a new trucking company can be expensive. There is no denying it. On average, a new trucking company can expect to pay 20% higher premiums than a company that has been in business for a few years. Why is this? 

​Well, a new trucking company that lacks history that insurance companies can use to evaluate premiums. Truck insurance companies will use your claims history and DOT score in their underwriting. You don't have that history as a new trucking company, so insurance companies rely on other metrics.

How Do I Find Cheap Truck Insurance in Tennessee?

If something seems too good to be true, it likely is. Cheap truck insurance seems good at first. In reality, sometimes cheaper doesn't mean better. With truck insurance, this is the case most of the time. Some people will give you a cheap truck insurance quote that looks great. A few weeks later, when you try to book a load, you are denied because you don't have enough coverage. So now you have to pay more money than you thought to get the coverage you should have gotten from the start.

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