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Thomas Wilson Group, LLC specializes in truck insurance coverages in Tennessee.  Some of the cities we specialize in are Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Bristol and Clarksville.

State laws require that commercial vehicles have adequate car insurance (or a state-approved equivalent). Commercial vehicles that travel across state lines must also adhere to federal insurance regulations.


Physical Damage Insurance For Commercial Vehicles

In nearly every state, employees and employers are prohibited from operating a commercial motor vehicle that is not insured. A coverage type that most commercial vehicles must have is physical damage insurance.



Physical damage insurance protects commercial vehicle operators, public and private properties, and other drivers.


Generally, physical damage insurance offers you protection in the event of:

  • Collision

  • Fire and theft

  • Comprehensive


More specifically, situations where you would need physical damage insurance include:

  • Auto accidents during which the truck or other commercial vehicle you operate collides with a car or truck.

  • Situations when the commercial vehicle turns over.

  • If the vehicle experiences a chemical spill and damages public or private property.

  • If an object falls off the motor vehicle and shatters another driver’s windshield.


When a commercial vehicle you own is involved in an auto accident or causes damages to another person or motor vehicle, your insurance company will reimburse the injured parties for the damages that they suffer. Commercial vehicles that haul hazardous materials must have enough insurance on them to meet state and federal guidelines.

Tennessee Commercial Truck Insurance

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