Short Haul Truck Insurance

Thomas Wilson Group, LLC has helped truckers by offering affordable and reliable commercial truck insurance. We provide insurance for most types of commercial truckers including owner operator insurance, motor carrier insurance and private carrier insurance. Providing commercial truck insurance in TN, AL, MS, FL, TX, and many more.

Short Haul Trucking program offers auto liability & physical damage, general liability, and motor truck cargo coverage to local and intermediate trucking businesses with greater than 80% of operations within a 300 mile radius. This program applies to for-hire contract, common, and exempt carriers.


Our agents have been specifically trained to handle your filings, including State, Federal and UIIA filings.   Contact us to get your Commercial Auto Liability, Physical Damage, Motor Truck Cargo, General Liability and Workers Comp insurance quote today.


Coverages offered: 

  • Auto Liability

  • Auto Physical Damage

  • General Liability

  • Motor Truck Cargo


We offer customized policies, multiple truck insurance quotes, flexible payment plans, discounts and excellent claims service.


Thomas Wilson Group, LLC provides truck insurance for most commercial trucks including:

Box Truck Insurance
Tow Truck Insurance
Dump Truck Insurance
Pickup Truck Insurance
Semi Truck Insurance
Flatbed Truck Insurance
Front Loader Insurance
Garbage Truck Insurance
Tank Truck Insurance

And many more...


Federal and State Truck Insurance Filings

We offer federal truck insurance filings for trucking businesses that engage in common or contract for-hire trucking, for-hire passenger transportation*, hauling hazardous cargo (placard) and interstate trucking. Federal filings are not required for businesses that do not cross state lines. State filings are required if a trucking business hauls exempt commodities unless the business is in a specified state.

More about Commercial Truck Insurance Filings

Federal Filings

We offer federal filings for trucking businesses that engage in:

Interstate trucking
Hauling hazardous cargo (placard)*
For-hire trucking (common, contract)
For-hire passenger transportation*
As an example, you are required to have a federal filing if you are a motor carrier doing long haul trucking, regional trucking or if you are specialist. For-hire truckers hauling nonexempt commodities across the state line must also carry a federal filing. The filings required for these types of businesses are the BMC-34 filing and the BMC-32 form.

Federal filings are not required for businesses that never cross the state line or engage intrastate trucking.

State Filings

State filings for intrastate exempt commodity haulers are the Form E Filing, the Form F Filing, and the Form H Filing. Learn more about different insurance filings.

The following are considered unregulated trucking sectors that do not require a federal or state registration.

Private carriers hauling their own goods, such as manufacturers, farming and retail operations
Owner operators hauling under someone else's authority, such as a truck owner leased on to a motor carrier
Other Filings and Certificates of Insurance (COI)
Other reasons besides trucking authority might require a business to submit proof of insurance. For example, drivers with probationary licenses or owners of oversized vehicles may need a non-trucking filing or a certificate of insurance (COI).

To verify if you need proof of insurance, check the list below for your business type or vehicle class and state of operation.


Motor Carrier Insurance for Trucking

You spend a lot of money on your trucking business, so you want to be sure it's protected. After all, your truck is your livelihood - that's why motor carrier insurance designed specifically for for-hire truckers is so important. Choosing the right motor carrier coverage is the best way to protect your investment and your business.

Thomas Wilson Group LLCC will not only protect your business and provide the coverage you need, it offers you some of the best rates in the industry because of the multiple insurance carriers we can quote you with.

For-Hire Truck Insurance Recommendations
Many motor carriers use permanently leased independent contractors. If you are one of these for-hire owner-operators, you may receive Primary Liability insurance under your Motor Carrier’s authority. However, you may still need to purchase “Contingent” or Non-Trucking Liability insurance, as well as Physical Damage coverage for your vehicle. There are many for-hire truck insurance options. Read below to learn more about the types of motor carrier insurance coverages you or your contractors may need.

Mandatory Motor Carrier Truck Insurance Coverages
Liability insurance is a mandatory motor carrier insurance coverage that pays for damages you cause to other people and their property. Liability insurance coverages for motor carriers includes Bodily Injury insurance and Property Damage coverage.

Optional Motor Carrier Insurance Coverages
To make sure you have the best protection for your truck when you’re on the road, you should also consider purchasing some of the optional motor carrier insurance coverages:

Physical Damage coverage – Can pay for repairs to your truck if it's damaged in an accident, whether it's caused by a collision with another vehicle or a falling tree branch and can include Collision insurance, Comprehensive insurance, or Fire and Theft with Combined Additional Coverages.

Medical Payments insurance – Available in select states, this first party coverage can pay medical bills for you and any passengers in your truck in case they are hurt in an accident or auto-related injury.

Uninsured Motorist insurance – Can pay for injuries and damages to you or your passengers and your vehicle, where available, caused by drivers who either don't have insurance or don't have enough insurance to cover your injuries and damages.

Motor Truck Cargo insurance – Can pay for damages to cargo you're hauling.
Motor Carrier Coverage Limitations


State and Federal Motor Carrier Insurance Filings
To operate under your own authority, motor carriers must often meet various financial responsibility regulations based on the weight of vehicles operated and commodities hauled.

Thomas Wilson Group LLC makes it easy to obtain motor carrier filings for your required levels of financial responsibility. From the SSRS Form E to MCS-90 filing, we can help. Once you obtain your motor carrier authority, we'll take care of the rest. We'll even file all of the paperwork for you.


Providing commercial truck insurance in TN, AL, MS, FL, TX, and many more.

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Commercial truck insurance rates are going up.  Most trucking companies are seeing their rates go up 20-30%. Commercial truck insurance rates with Thomas Wilson Group, LLC. are always competitive.  We want to make sure your insurance is within your budget and you can have the peace of mind of having you and your truck properly covered.  


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