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Non-Trucking Liability; What You Should Know

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Non -Trucking Liability

Generally, Non-Trucking Liability refers to truck insurance coverage for non-business purposes. This is necessary to protect your company from damages or bodily injury affecting a third party.

In cases where the truck owner or operator signs a lease agreement, you will need Non-Trucking Liability. At Thomas Wilson Group, we offer physical damage insurance for tractors with Non-Trucking Liability to fill the potential gap so that owner-operators can use their equipment while operating under the primary liability of motor carriers and while not under dispatch.

This blog will discuss and explain everything you should know about this type of truck insurance for owner-operators and occupational accident insurance for truckers.

When do you need non-trucking liability insurance?

Non-Trucking Liability is designed to financially protect and secure yourself from liability that arises from damages caused by your truck when used while not under dispatch and not hauling freight. If you are an owner-operator leased on to a motor carrier, you will likely need non-trucking liability as a requirement by contract. You may also be required to carry occupational accident insurance for truckers. This is important to remember, especially for anyone who wants to lease their truck to the authority of motor carriers.

Although motor carriers provide the primary auto liability insurance, truckers still need to purchase physical damage insurance for tractors for damage that may occur to the equipment they own. Truck drivers that use their trucks for non-business purposes also need non-trucking liability insurance. Below are examples of when your non-trucking liability insurance could cover while not under dispatch;

● Washing your truck

● Driving your truck home

● Driving your truck to the auto shop

● Fueling up your truck

Because non-trucking liability is not the primary liability, it can be more affordable than the primary auto liability policy. Just like every other insurance, you should make sure that you review the conditions around you and your truck before you pay any amount. Occupational accident insurance for truckers can also be cost-effective compared to other coverages.

Compared to auto liability coverage, Non-Trucking Liability insurance is comparatively inexpensive. At Thomas Wilson Group, we provide physical damage insurance for tractors at affordable rates designed to suit your trucking needs. To understand more about our insurance rates, contact us today.

There are essential things to remember when searching for non-trucking liability, occupational accident insurance for truckers, or physical damage insurance for tractors. Most insurance companies will review your driving history, the cargo you haul, the type of truck you drive, and how often you drive your semi-truck while not under dispatch when underwriting your quote.


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