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What You Need To Know About Trucking Authority Insurance

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Trucking Authority Insurance

Congratulations on obtaining trucking permission for your new trucking company. The government has authorized you to get paid for moving goods as a trucking firm if you have your trucking authority. It is now time to begin thinking about your insurance alternatives. Trucking authority insurance offers a new degree of security for your company.

What Is Trucking Authority Insurance?

Having your trucks and other resources associated with your business insured is essential, regardless of how big or small your trucking company is. For example, purchasing new authority truck insurance might be costly but essential for a company with one or two vehicles. The kind of trucking authority you wish to start will depend not only on how many trucks you possess but also on the kind of truck, the volume and kind of products being transported, and the level of expertise of you or your driver.

Types of Trucking Authority Insurance

Primary Liability

When you or your driver is at fault in a traffic collision, primary liability insurance pays for any resulting personal injury or property damage. The law makes it a conditional requirement for all commercial trucks. When driving as a trucker, you risk fines and penalties if your insurance policy doesn't include primary liability.

General Liability

Unanticipated expenses that take place on a company's property are covered by general liability insurance. It also covers costs for property damage or personal injury when you are at fault. This can involve a client tripping and hurting themselves on your property or damaging equipment you may have hired.

Auto Physical Damage

Regardless of who is at fault, physical damage insurance will pay for the costs associated with damage to your truck in the event of a covered loss. There are two types of auto physical damage insurance: collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Cargo Insurance

This own authority trucking insurance covers cargo loss or product damage sustained during the loading, unloading, or transportation of the goods. The kind and value of the goods being reimbursed determine the insurance claim maximum amount.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Some companies and businesses often want workers' compensation insurance for their employees. If you are an owner of a trucking company, it protects you from mishaps and medical costs related to employment. This indicates that you are covered in the event of accidental death or dismemberment while operating the truck.

Specialized Coverage

Commercial transportation insurance businesses typically have specialized alternatives for particular damage circumstances. Depending on your insurance needs and requirements from shippers, you may need additional coverage to stay compliant and adequately covered. Additionally, some businesses may focus on offering insurance for specific types of trucks or risks.

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